Board of Directors

You don't have to be the President of a Corporation to be on the Credit Union's Board of Directors. What you DO need to have is a genuine interest in how your Credit Union can "Open Doors" for members. If you are at least 18 years old, and have been a primary account holder in good standing at Fond du Lac CU for a minimum of 90 days, you're eligible to run for a position on the Board of Directors.

So what will you do as a Board Member? You'll help make decisions about the Credit Union's course of actions by establishing objectives, reviewing & formulating policies, and approving goals and programs. And you'll be doing it along side other members who make up the volunteer Board.

What are some of your duties to the Board? You're asked to review Board information that's prepared prior to each monthly Board meeting, fulfill some annual educational requirements, participate in committee involvement, and attend monthly Board meetings. The position will have a three year term. If you're interested in running for a position on the Board of Directors, talk to Credit Union President, Scott Roesch.

Our Volunteer Board of Directors are:

Mike Sweney - Chairman of the Board
Jeremy VanDeraa - Vice Chair
Bernadette Bonlander - Secretary
Jim Pollard - Treasurer
Marty Schibbelhut
Scott Roesch
Mark VandeBerg