Change to Saving

Sometimes money is tight and it's hard to even think about saving. Our Change to Saving program rounds up the amount of all purchases made with your Fond du Lac Credit Union debit card to the next dollar, and transfers the change to your savings account (Share Account). For example, if you purchase gasoline in the amount of $32.28, $33.00 will be deducted from your checking account and 72 cents will be transferred to your savings account. It's kind of like throwing your change in a jar - but it goes right to the savings account of your choice instead!


  • It's FREE!
  • Save your change every time you use your debit card!
  • It's easier to balance your checkbook - no cents to add or subtract with debit card purchases!
  • The change adds up fast and you're earning dividends in no time!

Some General Information about Change to Saving

  • Purchase returns will be credited to your checking account for the exact amount of the purchase only.
  • You may cancel Change to Saving at any time.
  • We suggest, when you sign up for Change to Saving, that you also sign up for e-Statements. Because each debit card transaction now becomes two, your statement will increase in length.

Click here and print and apply for Change to Saving.