Teens 13-17

Once you turn 13 you will be automatically enrolled in the Claim Your Youth Teen Financial Network!
It's a financial network just for teen members* ages 13 through 17!

It helps with financial topics like what to look for when buying your first car, how to balance a checkbook, tips on finding a job, how to get and keep good credit, and all kinds of financial, educational and practical information!

It also includes:
  • A great interactive teen web site at (just click on the link)
  • Quarterly teen newsletter
  • Quarterly drawings for great prizes like movie passes, tickets to Noah's Ark or Six Flags Great America!
  • Savings Accounts (Share Accounts)
  • Checking Accounts (must be at least 14 and be joint with a parent)
  • Get your first box of checks FREE
  • Debit Cards (must be at least 14 and be joint with a parent)
  • Co-signed Auto Loans
  • Balance Builder CD (Term Share Account) Just $100 to open with a one year term. Plus, add any amount, any time up to $500 during the year!
  • The opportunity to Get Published & Earn Money by writing articles for the newsletter and web site!

Just call or stop in to sign up. It's free!